3 EASY Steps to Book More Parties

/3 EASY Steps to Book More Parties


So often I hear that it’s hard to get parties booked.  Truth be told, when I do hear that I totally get it because I used to think that way.

When I started in Network Marketing I used to shake like a leaf when it came to asking someone to host for me.  After a while though  I realized I was simply having the wrong approach.

When you reach out to someone for a party, workshop, presentation or whatever  you want to call it, you are not actually asking for anything at all.  You are OFFERING something that the person may or may not want.

If you want to book more parties you simply have to keep that in mind and make a huge emphasis on it.

People want to know what’s in it for them.  If you can make that clear enough you will have a much easier time reaching out to people.

In order to help you further, I have broken down in 3 EASY STEPS how you can reach out to people in order to book more parties.


– To start, you simply want to greet the person  (ex. : Hey , how are you? Im writing to you because I know you told me many times  how much you love ______  ( nutrition, beauty, health and fitness etc… )

This part is about telling the person why you contact them. You also want to let them know why you thought of them. Tell them the true reason right off the bat  DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH HERE! The greeting part should be short.



-This is the most important part and where there should be most emphasis.  You are OFFERING something so you want to let them know what your offer is.  (ex.:  As you know Im working my health&wellness business and Im doing a special offer right now.  Im offering “X-Y-Z” for anyone who wants to help me gather 4-6 friends together for a party this month.)

Right from the start you are telling the person that you are OFFERING something . Make it as juicy as possible. The more incentive there the better. I typically offer 100$ worth of products for FREE on top of what my company offers as hostess gift. You can increase the value of your offer the way you want. The idea is to make it irresistible.  Also notice that I put a timeline to the offer which is this month!  This point is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT . If you do not put a deadline to your offer, the person might be interested but won’t see any rush in giving you an answers now so make sure you set a deadline as well.


Now that you made your offer here is where you ASK for an answer.  After you made your offer , all you want to say is:  Would you be open to help me organize that?

Very important  key here is  to ask if they would you be OPEN.  Please do not ask the person if she is interested…no one is interested in anything until they know what it is.  On the other hand, everyone wants to be open . 😉

That’s it!  When you apply this method I guarantee you will get a lot more YES .

The typical answers here are going to be: Yeah sure, thanks so much for thinking of me!!  Or ,  I’m not sure? …what do I need to do??

At that point let your host know that it will be very simple all you have to do is agree on a date and that you are going to be there to help them. ☺


Was the “3 EASY Steps to Book More Parties” post helpful??  I definitely hope so.


To your dream life,


Karine xx

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