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1505, 2016

5 Social Media Tips For Better Marketing

By |Marketing|

Have you been using social media for marketing but feel like you are scaring people away? Are you wondering if there’s something wrong with your posts or missing in your strategy? People come to me [...]

1305, 2016

3 Money Saving Tips To Travel More

By |Lifestyle|

3 Money Saving Tips To Travel More So many time I get people to ask me: how are you able to travel so much!? The main answer to this question is that I make it [...]

1401, 2016

Network Marketing Tip: 5 MUST READ BOOKS

By |Self-development|

Network Marketing Tip: 5 Must Read Books In today's post I want to share with you a few books that I think are a MUST for anyone building a Network Marketing business.  Some are specific [...]

1001, 2016

Why Blogging and Should You Blog??

By |Marketing|

Why Blogging and Should You Blog?? To a lot of people blogging is a very mysterious thing. Why blogging? Should you have a blog?? What is the purpose of a blog and why do people [...]

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Carolina Millan

International Speaker, Coach & Digital Marketer (Chile)

Annie Letourneau

International Coach and Speaker ( Canada )

Sophie Desjardins

Monat Independent Consultant ( Canada )



Steven Krivda

“Karine is one of the coolest people. Humble, knowledgeable and successful ”
Steven C. Krivda, United States

“Karine is very generous, very professional, she is open minded and reliable. I find she is like an Iceberg and that what I see is probably only the tip. She has so much knowledge, I was really impressed. Wether you need her help to generate more traffic to your website, create posts for social media, anything about blogging, copywriting, email list building etc.. She knows about it and is already implementing it. She is not like these self-proclaimed social media expert. I think she is the real deal and I recommend you use her services because she will blow your mind.” – Kathy Tropiano, Founder of the Awareness Exhibition 

I really like Karine Renaud, she is passionate like very few people I know.

Extreme hard worker and accessible, she will quickly become an essential partner for the success of your business! -Dominique Fraser, Founder/president of Groupe Sublim

Elise Legrand“As I was seeking help for my jewel business Karine gave me advice on how to grow the audience of my Facebook and Instagram page. She advised me on the type of posts, pictures, copywriting text to use etc..
This allowed me to make some online sales right in time for Christmas. Karine is a positive and resourceful woman who comforts in the idea to succeed as a home-business owner! ” –Elise Legrand, Canada

Samuel Mercier“A huge thanks to Karine Renaud to have shared with me her marketing and social media expertise, I highly recommend her to all entrepreneurs and home-business owners who want to succeed! Congratulations!”  –Samuel Mercier, Canada

Natalie Dube“Thanks to Karine for her incredible work.   On top of being very competent in her field, she was patient and sweet when explaining things to me.  I really felt that she wanted me to succeed in my career and that she was accompanying me in my journey.  She was very generous in her explanations and techniques.  She even revealed to me some of her best secrets of success.  Because of her, I now have a better idea on how to grow my business, find new clients, receive an income and create success. She is very inspiring! Thanks again Karine xx “  Natalie Dubé, Canada

Mario Sevigny“In 2010, Karine built my website from scratch. Since then, she has always been available for updates or changes. It’s a real pleasure to work with her! She is very patient and creative. Recently, she helped me for the whole makeover of my website that I needed to be done real fast because I was going to L.A for a series premiere on which I composed the music. I was meeting some new producers and I needed my website to be up really fast. Karine was amazingly efficient and helped me get it done in 3 days! She made sure everything was up and running smoothly for me so I could showcase my work to everyone. I call that a warrior!!! For your web design you need to call her!” –Mario Sévigny, Canada