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Want to know which resources and tools I use for my business??

In this page you will find some of the products and trainings I personally use and recommend.


Want to make money blogging?

The 3-min Expert is one of Ray Higdon’s best selling course teaching you how to become a credible expert, gain traction with your blog and make money online. This course allow you to learn everything you need to know in short 3 min. videos.  If you want to save years of trying to figure it out yourself, this is the course you need.  I have gone through most of Ray’s training and this one has blown my mind. When you purchase this course, you will also see a review of my previous blog as one of the bonus videos.  Honestly, unless you want to be part of the 81% of people who never make profit with their blog, I highly recommend you grab this course.



A website with a blog is one of the best investment you can make. My team and I can help you get a professional looking website in just a few days.


I can help you build your own brand or online store, grow your visibility and attract your ideal client to you.


Creating an e-book as a lead magnet is a great way to get instant authority in your niche and build your list. Create your first Lead Magnet in no time with this powerful tool!


After having managed Thousands of dollars in ads for myself and other clients, I can help you find laser-targeted leads for your business at the lowest possible cost.


Want to double your Opt-in rate?

LeadPages is a very powerful tool that gives you access to capture pages and pop up templates that you can customize to your needs in the blink-of-an-eye.  There are many tools available for you to do that. This one has proved by far to be the most effective for me.  Using this tool does not require any technical knowledge, it will save you a lot of time and will make you look professional from day 1.  For instance, the pop-up I have used for my site, was done in 30 mins. and instantly 2X my opt-in rate.  Simple and very effective !



Want to grow a huge list ??

People ask me all the time what they should use for e-mail marketing.   Truth is,  you really want to choose wisely because trying to switch to another service after a while can be tricky to do. What you want first of all is a provider that have reliable servers.  What I like about Aweber is that they have fast and reliable servers.  With it you can send scheduled e-mails, broadcast and create sign up forms. It is also often available for integration with 3rd party applications  which is not always the case with other auto-responder systems.  Here’s a FREE 30 day Trial …



Need a web hosting service ??

This is another one where people get confused.  Hands down, the best choice you can make in my opinion is to go with Host Gator.  Don’t get fooled by their “childish” looking logo, I’ve been with them for years, they have good rates, amazing customer service, they have a 1-click install for wordpress site and they also guaranty a no downtime service 99.9% of the time.  Please don’t go with a no name provider to save 3$/month, it’s just not worth it.  Stop looking around and just take my word for it.



Want to make social media images that look professional??

I use this tool pretty much on a daily basis.   With Canva, you can create
just about any images you may need for your social media or blog for completely FREE!  There is also a Canva phone application that’s available now – pretty cool and efficient tool



Want control over your time??

The Enounce My Speed is a software you can install to increase the speed of videos. I use this tool all the time to go faster through audio books and training programs.  When you use it you can actually see how much time you save – it’s pretty awesome.   There is a one-time fee for this one but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s totally worth it!



Want better sleep and increased productivity??

If you’ve been hustling maybe you’ve been having long days and short nights.  That’s ok, but after a while this can actually have an undesired effect on your productivity.  Also, if you’ve been having a bad quality of sleep, this might be due to a slight overdose of electronic devices.  If this is your case then the F.lux Software will definitely help you.  When you install this FREE tool on your computer it will automatically adjust the light intensity of your screen depending on the time of day.  As the evening comes, the blue light of your computer screen will turn to a softer warmer tone, making it much easier on your eyes and preparing you for better sleep.


Please note: Some of the tools I recommend have my affiliate link attached. This means that  I may earn a commission. However, this is at no extra charge to you. In other words, you will pay the same price I paid.  Moreover, you can rest assured that I will never recommend to you something that I haven’t tried or bought myself.   I have purchased and gone through TONS of trainings and programs over the years.  Unfortunately, many were a waste of time and money.  Hopefully, I can prevent you go through the same pain by sharing with you the tools and trainings that are proven to work.