3 Money Saving Tips To Travel More

So many time I get people to ask me: how are you able to travel so much!?
Money Saving Tips to Travel MoreThe main answer to this question is that I make it a priority because this is something I absolutely love doing but it is true however that with time I have learnt a few money saving tips that allows me to travel more, so are here are 3 tips for you;

1- Finding deals on flights; There is no big secret to finding the best prices other than spending time searching and comparing flights but a personal rule of mine is to always book a minimum of 1 month in advance and avoiding the weekends. I usually try to book my flights on Monday or Tuesdays where the prices seem to be lower in general. Also there are a few sites that I found that help me find the best rates. One of them I’ve been using for a long time is Cheapflights.com . This site will search for you several different website at the same time and give you comparison prices. Also lately my most favorite website source for booking flights has been Google/Flights I find they have definitely good prices there and it allows you to select your outbound and return flight yourself so you can pretty much customize your entire booking to your own needs.

2-Deals on hotels; There are different options you can use that can save you lots of money. One of them is AirBnb.com, this is a site where people rent out their room or apartment. You can find something for any budget there. Also you can usually find Hostels in most cities. These are low rate cheaper version of an hotel that usually provides everything you need to sleep at about 50$ per night and that usually even include a breakfast. When you think about it 50$/night instead of a 100$/night hotel can actually save you 1000$ over a 3 weeks period, something to think about!! 😉  Another way you can save there is by booking your hotel room with your flight… this option could usually save you a few hundred dollars. Best option is still to have some friends that allow you to stay in their home or with whom you can split the costs.


3-Credit card points; One of my best tips has been to use my credit card points to pay my trips. I have a special card with travel points, mine is with RBC Royal Bank of Canada. I use this credit card for most of my spending and accumulate travel points. I have saved A LOT of money that way… Usually all you have to pay with this are the fees and taxes. Several times I have paid 150$ for a flight that should have cost me 800$!! That is huge savings right there and there are many cards offering all kinds of travel options like this. Just make sure you choose one that is not limited to a specific airline company and that offers travel insurance 🙂


So here you go! I hope this helps you. Leave a comment below if you have questions or comments.


To your dream life,


Karine xx

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