If you are in Network Marketing, Im sure you have heard TONS of different success stories.  While they are usually all very inspiring, I find there are always some people story that will touch you more than others.  This was the case for me when I first heard of Russ Whitney.  The first time I heard about Russ was in a short webinar.  The subject of the webinar was about finding our true purpose in life.  I think I remember the interview being no longer than 20 minutes and that was enough to have an impact on me.

In a few words Russ told us why it is important to find our true purpose and he gave us some tips and a homework to helps us find it.  At the end of the webinar, I actually did the homework and felt like I had learnt a LOT about myself. It made such an impact on me  I felt like I had been given a key to a greater understanding of life.  Almost like a revelation.

I had enough at the time to feel grateful for him doing this interview but what I didn’t know back then is that only a few months later, I was actually going to meet him in person!!  ( Here’s me and Russ Whitney 🙂 )




This was a very nice moment that happened during one of Ray Hidgon’s convention in called Top Earner Academy.  Lucky for us, Russ was there to give a speech on stage and gives us some business tips and at the same time talk about his latest book the INNER VOICE.

If you haven’t read this book yet , I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!!

After the event Russ had organized a contest for those who had purchased and read his book.  The idea was to ask a question about the book to see if we understood the lesson from it.  I participated in the contest and WON 1ST PLACE !!  which made me earn his entire book collection and a 30 minutes personal coaching call with him. 🙂   I was thrilled and yet a bit nervous.  I wanted to make the most out of my chat with him.  I prepared one or two question for him but not more than that. I was mainly prepared to listen to his advice.  The call was supposed to be 30 minutes long ( which turned out to be a little longer than that 😛 )  and I learnt A LOT from it so thought Id share with you the main things he shared with me.



1-Purpose comes first and passion second;  In his journey of becoming a millionaire, Russ had more than his share of ups and downs.  Because of the childhood he barely had parents and had no one telling him what to do or what not to do so he would do his best following his gut feelings.  Russ could have chosen to become a millionaire in other ways than with Real Estate but he chose to flip houses because it made him feel good knowing he was helping others that were also in tough situations.  His first lesson to me was, if you are struggling in what you are doing right now, it is possible that you are just not in the right place which might mean that you might havent found your true purpose yet.  Russ believes that people will not become successful just by following a passion but that we become truly successful when we find our TRUE purpose and THEN… develop a passion for it.


2-Overnight success dont exist;  It is always hard to start a new business.  Any entrepreneur that start a business -even more so if it is their first business – have to give themselves at least 5 years to start really seeing good results.  Overnight success don’t really exist and if they do they are very rare.  When people succeed, it might seem to the other people around them as if it happened overnight but achieving true success requires a lot of work and it is the accumulation of effort overtime that will eventually lead to great results.


3-Spirituality is your best friend; If things aren’t unlocking for you , it could mean many things.  As humans we might not always know the answer of what is not working or blocking us which is where spirituality helps.  Doing meditation with your GOD ( or whatever force you believe in ) will give you the answers you need. If what you need is more courage, you can ask for that, if you need more patience, peacefulness, etc… or any kind of answers, you will get your answers by learning to do a 2 way conscious contact.


If you want to know how to find your own life purpose and how to do 2 Way Conscious contact , go ahead and check his book Inner Voice and that will really help you.  There is also an Innervoice coaching program available if you are interested in going even deeper into this.

Hope you got benefit from this article. Again if you don’t know Russ Whitney or what he does, look him up and connect with him on Facebook, he is one of the nicest people I know and Im sure he will be glad to help you as much as he can. 🙂

To your dream life,


Karine xx

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