SOCIALMEDIATIPS7 Social Media tips for ANY business

Everyone wants to use Social Media for their business.  Unfortunately , a lot of people don’t know how to..   Today, I am going to share with you 7 tips to help you use Social Media for your Network marketing business


1-Your profile is the no.1 thing. This the first thing people will look at especially if they don’t know you. First impression is always very important and that goes true on Social media as well.   Set up quality pictures and describe what you do in a concise manner.


2-DON’T use your personal page. If you want to come across as a professional, you need a professional business page.   Business page are being spidered by Google while personal pages aren’t. Business page will also give you stats that you can track.  Of course, you could post things on your personal pages that could make you some sales but if you don’t want but if you want to build your business seriously than YOU NEED a professional page.


3-Create valuable content. Value is what people are looking for. When you can help alleviate people’s pain through your posts, that is when you’ll start having a true business online!


4-Be social. Social media should be about socializing. If all you do is post and never engage with your fans, you will never get a huge following.   When people take the time to comment on your posts you should reward them by engaging back with them and make them feel appreciated.


5- Post more often. There is no such thing as too many posts. Billions of people are using social media everyday but yet people only spend a few minutes on average everytime they log. Your posts are buried in a flood of hundreds of other posts and unless you are doing paid ads there aren’t many people seeing them anyway. The more active you are, the better.


6-Make it about your audience. Who are you talking to? Speak to those people! People care about what’s in it for them. Provide some inspiration, share some lifestyle. Make people feel like they can be part of your life and make it obvious that you care about them , they’ll thank you for it.


7-Pick the right platform for your business.

There is a variety of social media platforms and the main audience varies from one to the other. Pick the 1 or 2 platform that is the most logical to use for your business. For example, if you are targeting young people, you are possibly better using Instagram before Facebook. Pick the ones you like as well, otherwise it might never create success for you in the long term .


To your dream life,


Karine xx

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