Business Tip 101: Positive Mindset

happy1If you are in business and especially if you are just getting started, one thing is for sure, you will meet some challenges. All kinds of obstacles will come your way. People around you will try to discourage you, some might even shy away from you thinking you are crazy because they don’t understand what you are doing and you might even encounter some financial struggles at times which might make you second guess yourself as to why you are doing this in the first place.

If you experience any of this you can let me tell you that this is a normal part of the process. Starting a business can have its share of challenges.  It takes self-investment, you will have to give it all you have, invest many hours and sometimes won’t see the results of the seeds you plant right away. You might be very good at certain things but have to work at developing other skills, you’d want things to grow fast but the learning curve will slow you down Big Time!!

Let me tell you, I know how you feel. Ive been there. Wanna know what else? I work with Top Earner business owners and it happened to them too so that’s it now you know….But here is the thing : The results you had in the past do not dictate your future results.  What makes the real difference is how you respond to these things and that is where having a positive mindset comes in 🙂

It’s Starts In Your Head

Before you can achieve any kind of results in your business you have to have unwavering faith and belief that you will reach your goals.  Im a firm believer that absolutely ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in this life.  There are so many great things happenning that our brain cannot imagine is possible sometimes. I think this is crucial for any dreams you have that before seeing it happen, you have to first believe it is possible in the first place!!  Creating a positive mindset will attract the things you want in your life and business so in order to grow your business you need to be in a positive mindset to attract it first!!  Let’s be clear: If you keep working your business in a positive way YOU WILL eventually get to where you want to go. This is an immutable law of the universe, just like the sun goes up and goes back down everyday.  Do you ever worry if the sun will get back up tomorrow??  No!!  You know it will happen just like you know that if you plant a pumpkin seed and water it , it will eventually become a pumpkin!!  See , now knowing that means you can stop  worrying about it and the mere fact that you do this will give you a whole lot more energy to do the things that will help you grow your business…isn’t that neat?? 🙂

How To Create A Mindset Shift

Business tip: positive mindsetThere are several things you can do to be in a positive state of mind. Eating well, Sleeping well and Exercising are definitely important. Being balanced and healthy will directly affect your hormones which in turn will affect your entire state of well-being. They are all part of the things I personally do every single day.  If you want to be positive, you need to give yourself all the tools you need to feel good!!  Appart from that THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to feel good and positive in an instant is to be grateful. Being grateful for the things you already have and appreciate will make you instantly feel better. If you don’t believe me, do it now!! Make a list right now of all the things you are grateful for.  Use a sheet of paper and fill it out!!  Write everything that comes to your mind!!  Write what you are grateful for …It could be  your home, you dog, your house, your bed, your health, you job, your family , your intelligence, etc…etc…. focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have will make you feel better in an instant and in turn will attract more positive to you.

The Most Powerful Tip I Have For You

The most powerful tool I have learnt to use was thaught to me by one of my business coaches. I can tell you that I have used it and it truly works .  This little known method is called AFFIRMATIONS.   Affirmations are statements that you formulate in the present tense.  They are like little sentences that will remind you of what you want.  The secret to do them is making sure they are formulated in a positive way and that they state what you want in the present moment.  Once you will have your affirmations statements, you will want to repeat them everyday , several times a day.  You see the brain is also a muscle and we need to train that muscle too so if you can do it everyday YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY start to think and feel more positively.  I think another reason why they work is that they eventually affect your subconscious which eventually works for you , making the right choices to get you what you want.  Now here is the thing!! It is very important that you write your affirmations down on a piece of paper.  There is something very powerful about writing things down.  Everyone agree on that …it kind of help materialize what you want and also will allow that you keep them with you.  To help you with this , Here’s a picture of how I do my affirmations


As you can see I always start with the words , I am Happy and Grateful that…  and then I write whatever it is I want ( I have about 12 of them )    You can ask for what you want too !! Whether you want more confidence, more clients, people joining your business, a house on the beach etc… You can ask for anything you want in your affirmations as long as you write them in the present tense and repeat them very often while feeling the emotions.  Another great tip for that is to take pictures of your sentences ( like I did ) and keep them on your phone.  That way you don’t ever lose your papers and you can stare at your affirmations any time you want, wherever you want.   Pretty cool isnt it??

I warn you though, this stuff really works so be careful about what you ask !!   😉

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