If you are in Network Marketing one of the important things to understand is that we are in a relationship business.  With that said,  understanding a  few things on the dynamic of good relationships can really help.  Today Im gonna share with you some notions that should not only help you get more sales but also avoid being the pushy sales-person that everyone dread.


wrong-followers-on-facebookIn every relationship there is a leader and a follower.  Wether it is a relationship employer/employee,  boyfriend/girlfriend, between best friends or any other, they all have it!

Let me explain.  Imagine two followers together with no leaders, where do you think they end up? Probably nowhere right?? Now imagine two leaders together…what do you think would happen with them after a while as they are both trying to lead the way? Well, they would most likely either go in different directions… or they’d end up going against one another trying to agree on which directions to take….no too good either right? As you can see, in order for things to flow, we always want one who leads and one who follows.  Depending on the situations,  the roles will sometime switch between 2 persons but in order for things to flow smoothly we always need both.

When we interact with people for our business this leader vs. follower dynamic is also present. In order to be successful in sales,  it is important to always find the right balance between going toward people ( following) and taking a step back and let people want to take the next step so we can close the sale.  ( leading the way )


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In order to close more sales without being pushy, it all comes down to taking the right steps, at the right time.

I always like to make a comparison to my favourite dance which is Salsa:  The man leads the dance and the woman follows.  If the man takes a steps forward, the woman takes a step back, if he takes a step back, she takes a step forward.  You see how simple that is ? This is pretty much what should happen when we work in sales also.   For things to flow smoothly , it’s important to not only go toward people with our offers but also knowing when to take a step back – Taking a step back is key!!

Let’s put that in context with your business:  If you go toward people with your offer, they will want to take a step back to look at it.   Now, If you go back toward them again soon after, chances are they will want to back up even more and possibly get turned off by your offer.   Of course you don’t want that. So how could you give THEM a chance to COME TO YOU instead!?  That’s right!  You need to take a step back and continue leading the way!! In other words,  it’s all about keeping a good balance in our follow up with people. We call that being pleasantly persistent.  But then, its also important to keep moving forward to the next person.  In fact, instead on focusing too much on making a simple sale, why not focus on making more offers to more people? 😉

When we think about it, there are 7.3 billion people on this planet!!  Waiting too much after one person will make you be the pushy sales person you don’t want to be.  Instead, stay postured, think in terms of abundance and focus on talking to more people. I  can guarantee you will make more sales that way.

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