Marketing Strategies to Improve Sales

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Hands down, it’s the No.1 element that if implemented well, will improve sales in your business. I was recently in a webinar where my friend Ron Gelok shared a list of what he called his 7 Marketing pillars.  I thought it really covered a lot of ground and included some great strategies.  If you are looking for Marketing strategies to improve your sales, following these pillars will be a really great start…

7 Marketing Pillars

1-Your offer

First you need an offer and you want to make it irresistible! What kind of results can people expect by purchasing your product or service? Make it about the benefits more than the facts!


2-The problem you’ll solve

When making your offer, clearly explain the kind of problem you’ll help people solve.   How is this going change the person’s life? What kind of pain or struggle will you help them eliminate? This will create an emotional spark in people and make them want to know more.


3-Us vs. them

Let people know you are on their side by pointing out an external enemy. This could be a person or a thing that has been in the way of your prospect making it hard for them to achieve their goals in the past. By doing this you help your prospect find hope again. It will also help increase the LEVEL OF TRUST they have in you. 🙂



Credibility is another important element for trust. The best way to do it is through stories and testimonials of people you have helped before. Alternatively, you could share your own experience, the number of hours of trainings you have etc.. You want to make it clear for your prospect that YOU are the expert!


5-The time is now

This is about reminding the importance of acting now. The best way to do it is to remind the person what will happen if they DON’T take action. How will it impact them and their family?? Another good way to make people get “off the edge” is by creating scarcity. Create a deadline or a limited number of spots on your offer. In a world where there is so much distraction, this will help people make a decision.


6-Objection killing

As humans we naturally tend to create ourselves excuses for not taking action.   This is a normal reaction from the brain doing it’s work for survival. The best way to deal with objections is to eliminate them even before they appear in your prospect’s mind. Think about what kind of fear your prospects have. Then, address these fears before they even pop the question to you.



This is the most important step. If you miss this step then you pretty much wasted your time. This is how you invite the person to take a step forward and actually close sales. It is very important to let people know what you want them to do next. Remember, you are the expert! So, they need your guidance.


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