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Network Marketing Tip: 5 Must Read Books

In today’s post I want to share with you a few books that I think are a MUST for anyone building a Network Marketing business.  Some are specific to Network Marketing and others not but in any case they are all books that have made a great impact on me and have both helped me in my business and personal life.

45 Seconds that Will Change Your Life – Don Failla

This book explains in the simplest form how to have a successful network marketing business. It covers how to grow a huge organization that is both wildly duplicating and stable over 10 chapters which we often call the  “Napkin Presentations” . The reason they are called that is because after reading the book you can literally go back to someone and explain network marketing to them on a simple napkin or sheet of paper. This is a perfect book for anyone starting or looking at starting their MLM business.


The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

A “Coup de Coeur” for me!! This book explains how consistent actions will have you crush ANY goals you may have or beat anyone at anything. It talks about the irrefutable law of consistency and how taking small daily consistent actions weighs a million times more than taking huge actions every now and then. I personally got the audio version of that book and I absolutely love the way it was narrated. I had a few breakthroughs with this book and what I also liked about it is that on top of teaching you the compound effect, Darren also give you the tools you can start using TODAY to apply it in your life.


The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

If you are have been procrastination or simply not doing the things you know will to lead you to success without understanding why, then this is the book you need!  This book is about the so-called resistance that we have at getting to work and taking actions. It will help you understand why you have been having such a hard time picking up the phone and/or  have been having the “shiny object syndrome”.   It explains what is that annoying “resistance” that keeps coming back to us and how to overcome it. Beautiful book!


GO PRO – Eric Worre

This book teaches the fundamentals of becoming an network marketing professional and is an absolute MUST read. The Author Eric Worre explains in details the 7 skills that, if you practice, will help you become a successful network marketer. What I also like is that he provides practical tips for each one of the skills. Eric has been a leader in the Network Marketing Profession for over 25 years.  He’s been a top field producer, building sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries.
He is a Top Influencer of our industry right now and definitely someone you can learn a lot from.


How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Although the title of this book may sound strange, the content of it might completely change your life. This book will teach you everything you might have been doing wrong in your communication that is preventing you to have good relationships and influence on your entourage. It teaches you how to communicate better and also helps you understand human behaviors in such a way that you may have never thought possible. If you are in network marketing I think this book is a must read too because this business truly is about relationship more than anything else.

ET voila 🙂

I sincerely hope you enjoy the recommendations and will take use of it.

If you do, let me know in the comments below!

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