TOP Network Marketing Tip: Posture Up!

POSTUREIn today‘s post I want to share with you something that was a huge breakthrough for me when I first heard about it.
This is also something that almost nobody is teaching in Network Marketing but that is very important in the business and sales world.   What I’m referring to here is called: 

Posture is about managing your energy and it is something crucial if you want to become a Top Leader in our industry.  Having great posture when approaching new prospects for your business will make the whole difference in the world for you!

So how is it that you have Posture exactly? 

Posture is about not letting emotions get in the way when people say no to you.  It is about knowing that you don’t have to answer every single question a prospect ask you.  It is also about not giving your power away or “dancing” in front of negative prospects.  In other words, it is about not looking for anyone’s approval wondering if they think your opportunity is a good deal or not. 
If you truly believe in what you do, you should KNOW with every fiber of your body that what you have in your hand is amazing and other people’s reaction to your offer should NOT make you second guess your decision to keep moving forward and build your business.  On a side note, if you are not 100% sure about this, you will want to start working on  your belief RIGHT NOW or perhaps look for a different company or business.

When you are completely convinced about the value of what you are offering, it should not affect you at all when other people don’t see it.

Now back to managing our energy.  What do I mean by that?  
Well, when we think about it, people actually communicate A LOT more with body language and energy than their actual words. No matter what you will say to your prospects,  if they FEEL you are happy, they FEEL you are confident and that you are content whether they join your business or not, they will be that much more intrigued and there are MUCH higher chances that they will respond with a much more positive attitude than if you seem to be second guessing yourself. 

People should FEEL that it won’t change anything for you if they wish to join you or not. They should FEEL that ultimately it would potentially be THEIR loss and not yours and  I am not suggesting to fake anything here by the way, this should be genuine.

Here is my tip for you.  Right before approaching your next prospects, focus on what you have and how unbelievable it is.  Make it a point to 
ALWAYS keep your posture, manage your energy and make it obvious that you know what you have is an amazing gift. 
When people FEEL that, YOU WILL get a lot more yes, I promise . 😉 
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Karine xx

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