Using Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

When building an online business, growing a list isn’t enough. You need a way to follow up and develop a relationship with your customers and that is where Email Marketing comes in.


It is very important to remember that if someone gave you their e-mail address at some point, it pretty much means they are raising their hands for help and telling you that they have an interest in what you have to offer. It is not enough to simply add e-mails to a list. It is the relationship with that list that will make the whole difference for your business. Email Marketing has been and still is the most efficient way to create a bound with your customers. It is what is going to help you build that trust with them, let them know more about what you are all about and show that you care. If you do that well, you can be sure to see growth in your numbers of sales and ensure that your customers will always want to come back to you for help before anyone else.


The way I do it is I personally use a tool called Aweber which is an automated e-mail provider that allows me to both build my list and send automated e-mails and broadcast. From there I will write an email on almost a weekly basis to share things that I believe will be of value to my customers. What I will also share in those e-mails are more personal things about my life or anything that will allow my customers to get to know me more.


What I focus on in those e-mails is letting people know that I’m a real person like them, that I care about them and to provide them some value that I don’t share necessarily to the general public. One thing to always keep in mind is to always make sure you are sharing valuable information. The more valuable the information is, the more likely you are to retain your customers. It is also what will increase your chance for them to open your email in the first place. Let’s be honest, I’m sure you are a busy person too and so you know how many distractions we have going on these days.   If you want for people to open your e-mails and actually take time to read it, you need to make sure you are going to share information that is going to be worth their time.


So that’s it!!  That was a quick overview on how to use email marketing to connect with your customers and grow your business.  As a side note, there are other email providers you can use as well such as GetResponse and MailChimp.   What is important is to pick a service that will be reliable and secure. I picked Aweber because I have heard they are the ones with the most reliable servers and I know Aweber is always available to integrate with other tools such as WordPress and most opt-in tools which is not always the case with other automated email services.


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