Have you ever asked yourself, “Is this really all there is?”

I was alone and heartbroken. 💔

On the surface everything looked good …
I had a boyfriend, a manager role in a multi-national , a beautiful house with a huge backyard, the sweetest dog, I drove around in a Subaru WRX
and a scooter for fun.

I was making enough money to buy pretty much everything I wanted. I went to 5-star restaurants and hotels, renovated my house, went regularly on trips, spoiled myself with the best clothes, superfoods, gyms, coaching classes, etc., and I still had leftover money in my bank account.

I thought life was good and everything was in order.

I felt pretty happy and satisfied …

Unfortunately, that only lasted a while.

Out of nowhere, I started to get bored, I started to question everything, I felt sad, broken and empty inside.

What was I missing ?

That is when I started to realize I was not living the life I truly desired PLUS, I had been feeling alone
and unfulfilled for a long time.

I was not well and was keeping it all inside (P.S. don’t do that !)

I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t keep going like that.

There had to be more to life than this. Something needed to change.

That’s when things started to go down.

It reached the point where I couldn’t function. I couldn’t concentrate at work. I would stare at my screen and feel completely frozen thinking …

*Where do I go from here ?

*What should I do ?

*Who can I talk to about this ?

And then it just started to get worse, and worse and worse …

I needed an exit, and I had to find some kind of way out.

Fortunately, opportunities were presented to me and things started to change. I was struggling still, but I knew I had to either succeed at this … or die trying.

There were no other options.

I started my first business and kept failing at it

 I started joining every single course and online program I could find.

Name one, I’m pretty sure I’ve done it.

I was looking for the answer that would lead to some breakthrough.

I got scammed 1-2 times, but that was honestly a grain of salt in the whole experience.

In the process, I started accumulating over 60K in debts.

Things were bad and I cried every ounce of my body many many times.

*Alone in my bedroom
*Alone in my car
*Alone in the bathrooms of conference events

But I was not going to give up … 💪

After a while things started to take a new turn ! 

All these courses I had invested in were starting to serve me. I started doing social media marketing to help coaches grow their impact. The work I was doing not only had a meaning and was now bringing real results: I was now on a mission to help more !

I quickly got into Facebook advertising and got addicted to the power it had. That was back in 2014. Since then, I’ve helped my clients grow their Facebook profiles from 0 to 5K fans, then 5K to 15K, then 20K to 100K fans.

I have also helped dozens of high level coaches and real estate brokers maximizing their ROI .

Over and over again. Week after week, month after month, for the past 10 years now.

Here is the thing … to sell your products and services you need:

*An irresistible offer
*The right message
*Authority in your niche

But you also need the right people to see your offer if you want to convert them.

That is where I come in ! 😉

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their business and impact.

If you are looking for a constant flow of targeted leads and sales for your business,

I invite you to reach out to me: www.karinerenaud.com/contact

Karine Renaud1

Karine Renaud Karine Renaud has been an entrepreneur since 2012.  After struggling for 2 years she took part in Ray Higdon and Jessica Hidgon‘s Top Earner Club Mastermind Program.  Within a few months of coaching she began promoting in her business and doubling her revenues. Karine has passionately invested herself in several coaching programs to study business, sales, attraction marketing and social media. She has also been a student of Russ Whitney ‘s Inner Voice program. Today she teaches others business owners and network marketers how to grow their business by properly branding themselves and generate targeted leads online. She has been highly sought by the online community of Quebec (Canada) and to this day has been working for very successful leaders such as Annie Letourneau and Martin Latulippe.