Why Blogging?Why Blogging and Should You Blog??

To a lot of people blogging is a very mysterious thing. Why blogging? Should you have a blog?? What is the purpose of a blog and why do people do it?

Today’s post is to help you answer WHY blogging IS in fact very important for your business and something you should DEFINITELY consider doing.

First of all, what we need to understand is the reason for having a website in the first place. The reason for having a site is to establish your brand that is YOU inc. Your website is where you really want people to be. It is like your online home and is where you  want to build your credibility as a leader.

So if I have a website, do I really need to blog you ask??

Well, the fact that you have a website is great but there are still several reasons why you should consider blogging.



The reason for blogging is a matter of contribution. So why do people blog? They do it as a way of contributing to the world and as a way of bringing VALUE to the market place.  The more value you can bring to the market place and the more money you can potential make. Value equals money, its as simple as that. Also, if you bring value that truly helps people in their lives they will love you for it and what in turn will start happening is that people will ask you to join your business because of that.   I have had people join my business because of the content I provide and it will happen for you too if you provide valuable content.



Bringing value to people’s lives, helping them improve their lives and way of thinking is something you can do through blogging and is something that if you do on a regular basis will increase your level of influence on your network.  As you bring solutions to people’s pain and showing that you really care for them you start to become a leader of influence and this helps you in return in all aspects of life and business.   The neat thing when you have influence is that when you recommend something to people there are very high chances that people will follow your recommendations and that means more conversions in your business.



Building your list is the primary goal of having your site and blogging. Your list is the lifeblood of your business (we all know that right?) but having a list is not enough! You then must build a RELATIONSHIP with your list and this is yet another reason for blogging. If you provide regular content, you will not only grow your list with new people but it will also help you entertain a relationship with the current one.



How would you like to to be the first page of Google? What would that mean to you and your business? Blogging on a regular basis is something that can help you rank better in search engines the reason being that as Google and other search engines spiders the web with their robots, they are  in search for related content they also look at which page have regular updates as well as engagement. Blogging often is like doing an update to your site everytime which in turns can definitely help you rank better online.



As you are providing valuable content to readers on your blog you are also building a legacy. Whatever content you are uploading on your blog stays there and will stay there for as long as the internet exist. This means you are not only contributing to the world now but you are also leaving a legacy for generations to come!!



If you are blogging as a way to provide solutions to people, that also means that every time someone asks you the same question about a certain topic, you can simply refer them to your blog instead of answer the same question over and over again. This can save you a lot of time!  Also, if you are making money with your blog right now, that means that as long as your blog is live and  keep bringing new leads to your list, it will keep working for you while you are doing other things.  Now THAT is what we call leverage. 🙂



Last but not least, blogging consistently can really help you make money. There are different ways that you can monetize your blog and when you know them you can actually make A LOT of money with it. My personal mentor who has been blogging for 5 years is now making 30 to 40 000$ EACH WEEK with his blog alone. If you are looking for ways to make money online, blogging just might something you should consider.  Just sayin’ 😉


So there you have it…!! 7 GREAT REASONS why blogging is a way of helping you and your biz.
I truly hope this article was enlightening to you on the possibilities to make your dreams come true.

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To your dream life,


Karine xx

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